Christmas: A Time for Evangelism

With Thanksgiving over, many of us are focusing our attention on Christmas. For many of us, Christmas is one of the most hectic times of the year. We have gifts to purchase, family events to schedule, and traditions to keep alive. Though we’re busy, Christians cannot afford to allow Christmas to pass us by. Whether we realize it or not, Christmas is a gift because it provides us with a wonderful avenue for evangelism for two reasons.

First, during the Christmas season, the nativity scene is never far from our culture’s imagination. Unfortunately, unbelievers around us may not be aware of the significance of the incarnation that took place at the original nativity scene. As Christians, Christmas gives us a wonderful opportunity to explain why the incarnation of Christ is so important. Additionally, the nativity scene provides us with a chance to explain that Jesus did not remain an infant. Instead, he grew to be a man who died on the cross and was raised from the dead by the Father to purchase our redemption. In short, the collective imagination of our culture has strong Christian themes in it during Christmas time. May we seize those themes for evangelistic purposes.

Second, around Christmas time, many people feel a need to go to church. It would seem that part of America’s cultural Christianity is paying homage to God by going to church at least twice a year: Easter Sunday and Christmas time. Since people are open to visiting a church during this time of the year, Christians should be serious about inviting people to our churches. If you get the chance to share the gospel during this time, inviting the person to church is a great way to follow up on a gospel presentation.

In summary, Christmas provides us with strong points of contact between Christianity and our culture. Regardless of Christmas’s origins and regardless of how godless our society acts for the other eleven months of the year, during December, Christianity often comes to the forefront of people’s minds. May we redeem this time by using Christmas as an avenue to share the gospel with our neighbors.

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