Nicholas Maricle Profile PictureI have been the pastor of Hessmer Baptist Church in Hessmer, LA since July of 2015. My passion as a pastor is that all people would know Jesus and make him known. I believe that as people get to know Jesus better, they’ll live holier lives; however, the process of learning about Jesus is more than just listening to sermons and learning theology. To grow in Christ, people must be committed to applying principles from the Christian worldview to every area of their lives.

I have a BA from Louisiana State University at Alexandria, an MDiv from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and I’m currently pursuing a PhD in Theology at New Orleans Seminary. My primary academic interests are in the fields of Theology, Philosophy of Religion, Church History, and Apologetics. I love the academic side of my life as a student. I enjoy reading, writing, studying, and learning new things.

I am also an avid football fan for Louisiana’s two main teams. Geaux Tigers and Saints!

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