Intolerance and Christian Exclusivism

The only match for our culture’s flaming love-affair with the buzzword “tolerance” is our hatred of intolerance. Our hatred of intolerance is not without its bright spots: For example, it is bad to be intolerant toward a Muslim simply because they are Muslim. Similarly, it would be inappropriate for an employer to be intolerant toward […]

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What is Apologetics?

Apologetics is an extremely popular fixation at Christian colleges and seminaries. Every year New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary hosts the Defend conference—which is open to the public and well worth attending—featuring some of the world’s top apologists. Some influential Christians consider apologetics to be so important that they say things like: “In this day and […]

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Baptized Clichés: The Buzzwords of Western Christianity

A key component of the modern de-intellectualization of Christianity is the devaluation, if not outright rejection, of biblical doctrine in churches. Instead of learning what is proper to theology and godly living, Christians have unfortunately settled for clichés and aphorism; such phrases as, “it’s not a religion, it’s a relationship,” or “all roads lead to […]

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